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BRE brap brap BRE brap brap

My local walmart been great recently with the new releases! I found the new 2nd series of Team Transports... well this one was the last one :D

Aww Yea! Aww Yea!

Nice keychain. I thought it would of been plastic, but it’s made of metal.

Damn it! Damn it!

Could of had a Chevy!

My 1st Oppo Post... back in 2015

of course it’s about LEGO :D

Happy Valentines Day Oppo! Happy Valentines Day Oppo!

We love engines, why not have an engine that’s a heart :D

S-10 Leaking Part 2... Water Boogaloo  S-10 Leaking Part 2... Water Boogaloo 

Fixed the leaking wheel wells and finally found the source of the upper dash leak which was caused by the windshield cowl drain. Cleaned it, brushed some por15 as best as I could in the tight area and only saw a dime size drop of water on the floor because of the recent rain storm... I’ll finish you later..... then I…

Roll Call (Big Pics) Roll Call (Big Pics)

I haven’t seen my whole Hot Wheels collection since July before I moved. Had some room and layed them out. I plan on making a shelf soon.

I Present To You.... I Present To You....

my bathroom :D

Visible Porsche Boxer Engine Visible Porsche Boxer Engine

Promised y’all a video of my Haynes Porsche Boxer 6 engine kit. Air cooled and even a working mini distributor!

Getting Closer To Finding The Leak. Update!  Found It! Getting Closer To Finding The Leak. Update!  Found It!

Update, I used a wirewheel to remove all traces of rust and the panel filler was hiding a lot of rust. I guess I need to replace that?

Merry Christmas :D Merry Christmas :D

Got a Porsche Boxer engine!!!

Caught A Mouse! Caught A Mouse!

For over a week there was a something I could hear rummaging in the garbage can in my room and trying to steal my Ferrero Rocher. No one steals my delicious gold and lives!

Finally, I Have The LEGO Set I Always Wanted Finally, I Have The LEGO Set I Always Wanted

In the 80's LEGO made a build your own engine set. I tried for many years to get one, but either it is incomplete (missing pistons), or way too expensive. This one popped up and seems that I finally got my wish.

Is This A Dumb Idea?

Although im asking Oppo, which anything crazy isn’t a bad idea.

+10 Torque   +10 Torque  

I hate my stock intake on the S10 2.2, especially in the summer and when I need to work on anything around the air intake assembly. (A/C, belt, etc) The radiator heats up the intake and the hot air bogs down the already anemic engine.

Out With the Old In With the New Out With the Old In With the New

Decided to retire the old Craftsman saw for a much lighter and portable Milwaukee Hackzall. It’s faster and more powerful than the hunky old thing. All you do is twist the part the blade goes in and that’s it! No screw to tighten.

Just a brain-fart idea I had :P

HW Mazda 787B Bent Wing Fix? HW Mazda 787B Bent Wing Fix?

All the new Circuit Legends Mazda 787Bs have a bent rear wing. The wing is made of a soft rubber that I think is supposed to hold the engine cover on.

Garage Progress Two Garage Progress Two

In 3 weeks I got a lot done with the garage.

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