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What's your point, EGR?

Why did EGR share that old Sam Biddle post about brands not being your friends? I feel like I’m/we’re being insulted or trolled and I’m just too dumb to get it.

Anyone else feel awkward about the Millihelen make-over series?

My life is not currently compatible with wearing make-up or looking good in anyway, so I don’t spend a lot of time over on Millihelen. Make-up is fun and certainly worth having a chat about, so no hate for this sub-blog in general.

Psst…if you want to talk about last night's RHoBH, come over here!

First, I want to espouse my favorite theory about the show: The only reason Brandi is still on this show is because of Yolanda. Brandi gives Yolanda the perfect cloud coverage, so that Yo can just scurry around talking about Brandi instead of letting more than a glimpse of her real lives on to the show. There is…

What's Up with MorningAfter?

I was looking forward to dissecting last night's RHoBH with the crew on the MorningAfter kinja, but it looks like Jacob hasn't posted anything in a couple weeks and Tracie hasn't posted anything since before Christmas.

Is Anyone Watching The Affair on Showtime?

Is it just me or is it really, really boring? I was looking forward to it filling in for "Masters of Sex", but everything is so slow and dull, especially Noah and Alison, the main characters.

Baby clothes free to a good home

Three months ago I had boy/girl twins.