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A Scary Time-life as a woman A Scary Time-life as a woman

So I just saw this one YouTube and liked the way she lists out all the mundane day to day safety concerns. Living in a first floor apartment, riding public transportation, letting men down gently etc.

TW: Suicide, Bullying TW: Suicide, Bullying

So I really have no words but I want to add some space so blah blah blab.

Transphobic Parents Threaten Violence, Cause School Shutdown

This poor kid now has to fear for her life. If I knew how I’d set up an escape gofundme. My trans nephew, who is very intelligent, dropped out of school in Florida because they were being bullied and is now working as a baking assistant though I’m trying to talk them into GED and trade or community college.

An Original Badass- The Damn Yankee Who Hunted Down the KKK in the Arkansas An Original Badass- The Damn Yankee Who Hunted Down the KKK in the Arkansas

So I just stumbled onto this, and greatly enjoyed it :) I know the general basics of the Civil War as covered in US history college course, i.e. not much.

Happy Gifs! Happy Gifs!

So I saw this gif on Reddits front page. It is of a Dad who works three jobs, who told his daughter that he couldn’t afford the dress she wanted for a dance, and then surprising her with it. It has made me smile, cry and feel every emotion under the sun in between.

Rachel Maddow on  Butina's Grand Scheme

So I’m still learning how to do these, but the video should be in the tweet.

Voting Machine Vendors Admits to Lying about Remote Access Hardware

Because there are so many problems that it is nearly impossible to keep track, I am not 100%, but I am pretty sure this is a different vendor that the Voter Software parent company that was bought out by a different Russian oligarch.

Putin seen walking his poodle in Helsinki  Putin seen walking his poodle in Helsinki 

Hopefully this works, my first attempt at a groupthink post. It was originally just to be a picture to blow off some steam so my head doesn’t explode while watching this travesty of a news conference. I am willing to bet Trump and Putin agreed ahead who would defend what aspect of Russia’s ongoing electronic warfare…

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