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Fredric Aasbo's Corolla iM Drift Car on BAT Fredric Aasbo's Corolla iM Drift Car on BAT

You know you want to bid on it.

I broke down and watched the "Hobbs and Shaw" trailer I broke down and watched the "Hobbs and Shaw" trailer

I still hate every minute of 8Fast8Furious (and they’ve doubled-down on the absurd, ridiculous action and cheesy 80's-era one-liners), but I’d watch it and just convince myself that it’s part of the “Transporter” universe.

"Punisher" season 2 was going mostly okay... "Punisher" season 2 was going mostly okay...

Then I saw this as Frank Castle hops into an E46-era 3 series and peels out to chase after the crew of bad guys:

[Political content] [Political content]

Since I don’t frequent ‘The Cigar Lounge’ much (and therefore don’t have authorship), I’ll just leave this here—first thought that came to mind when news broke of Buzzfeed’s report alleging Trump’s subornation of purjury:

Secret Senna Aquired Secret Senna Aquired

So this came in the mail on Monday, but I didn’t check for it until now. Always glad to have another Oppo sticker for when I switch to a newer helmet (or car), the gloves will be fantastic for when I’m doing things in the garage, and that DC2 Integra makes me fondly remember my old GS-trim beater. Bravo, thank you,…

Merry Christmas, Oppo Merry Christmas, Oppo

Stef posted this to the front page a few years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite shorts with both Christmas and car content.

Slightly political content Slightly political content

Ann oulter getting shut down on Twitter after the buffer image. Bullitt Mustang because relevance.

Found on Facebook Found on Facebook

Best comment:

Found in the Drive-thru Found in the Drive-thru

Not sure how optimistic this label is for a turbo-Saab from the (I think) GM overlords era.

Ran some errands in the Prelude since my daily driver is in the shop. Also, the Midwest Eibach meet is tomorrow, so I scrubbed the seven-layer cake of grime off the Enkei wheels—and I think the car looks a thousand times better. It’s always been a wannabe racecar; it’ll never be a show car (I’m just going to be social…

Today I learned Today I learned

T-Pain can drive.

Sorry if I'm putting up this Launch Control after someone else has... Sorry if I'm putting up this Launch Control after someone else has...

Up until this point, I’ve enjoyed rallycross racing for its traits that are the antithesis of endurance racing: less focus on “save the car for a long-distance event,” no need to follow a certain pace for fuel consumption/pit stop strategy, and less boredom over 100+ laps. Instead, the focus is to drive at 100% to set…

Shitposting Shitposting

What? How...?

Presented without comment Presented without comment

Please ignore my finger in the shot—new phone, not used to where the lens was.

Pictures from No Star Bash Pictures from No Star Bash

I decided to go spectate at the No Star Bash drift event this afternoon, and snapped some pictures of cars in the paddock. The weather was perfect, aside from being oppressively hot. One of these days, I’ll upload the couple of video clips I took from the stands of the drifting, too, but it’s nothing to write home…

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