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Down on the ski hill. 3-door hatch with AWD, a roof rack and rusting steelies... I’m in love. 

Redneck Wagon Club Redneck Wagon Club

Wherein everyone throws their dead Christmas tree on their Subaru and drives up into the National Forest for a bonfire.  The collapsible roof rack is still one of my favorite features of this car 5+ years after buying it. 

Wake and Convect Wake and Convect

Early bird gets the cookie! I’ve had to relearn how to do a lot of things since moving 650 to 7,300 ft. Like simply how to breath. Baking, however, has been particularly challenging. But - I think have finally succeeded in my quest for the perfect high-altitude chocolate chip cookie!


Pre-facelift Chevrolet Sonic (aka T300 Aveo).  For a mostly forgettable car, I always liked the funky exterior and interior styling on these along with the decision to offer a small turbo before everyone else on the segment was doing it. 

I Can Finally See Traces of Pavement For First Time Since Christmas Day I Can Finally See Traces of Pavement For First Time Since Christmas Day

Maybe I’ll finally be able to go for an enjoyable drive in the manual car and string together some redline shifts for funsies on my last day of vacation tomorrow. Checks weather...

Late Night Thought Late Night Thought

Does anyone know why mayonnaise is sold by volume while ketchup is sold by weight?

Just Attempted To Gift Wrap This Just Attempted To Gift Wrap This

MSR Evo snowshoe kit. Gave up and used this giant plastic gift bag.  Doggo is nonplussed.

V12 all the things.

Begone Vile Front Plate, Ruiner of Front Bumpers! Begone Vile Front Plate, Ruiner of Front Bumpers!

For the Land of Enchantment hath no need for your defiling ways! And, lo, though thou hath left a stain upon this crossover of the Forest, the wise methods of our Lord Svend shall with time heal the wounds your screws hath verily inflicted.

Hour Rule? Hour Rule?

Taco PJ’s and Ariats? Taco PJ’s, Ariats and Jack Daniels. Got my exhaust repaired today. Seems quiet. Miss the braaps. NM doesn’t have inspections but its still probably for the best. Doggos are sleeping. Doggo after jump.

Acquired a Couple Things Acquired a Couple Things

Finally got my car registered and retititled in NM. Couldn’t have been easier. I paid for two years so I’m set until November 2020.  It’s 9:30 and I’ve accomplished all I wanted to today.  What are the weekend plans Oppo?

Glitch in the Matrix Glitch in the Matrix

The MVD is empty on a Friday morning.  Weird. 

Humans why aren’t you posting?

New Shitposting Device Acquired New Shitposting Device Acquired

It is exceptionally yellow. The color is ridiculous and I love it. Other than that it’s an iPhone. It takes photos and makes posts exactly like the old one but maybe a little faster. Whatever. It’s just yellowerer now.

They Still Aren’t The Prettiest Vehicles To Look At... They Still Aren’t The Prettiest Vehicles To Look At...

...but at least they’re both clean. Finally had temperatures climb into the 50’s and I took advantage. Not a full Svending but got the grime off before it freezes again. Also the title for the Forester came in the mail today so I can finally get NM tags this week.

Oppo Hivemind Advice Sought Oppo Hivemind Advice Sought

Update: While I was typing this she haggled and extra $100 out of a dealer and took $4100 for it. Based on your responses the deal seems well worth skipping the hassle of going private party to maybe get a few hundred more.

No More Car Payments! No More Car Payments!

Just finished paying off my ‘14 Forester. Bought it CPO in October 2015 so I used 36 of the 60 month loan. It joins our ‘13 Outback in the lien-free club. Feels good but will feel even better if the bank gets the title to me by the end of the month so I can get it registered here in NM before my TX tags expire.

Oops Oops

Just noticed that I left my car on jack stands all night.  Good morning Oppo!

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