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I've Got My Eye on You I've Got My Eye on You

Don’t you eyeball me, boy.

Zemi Face from Trunk Bay Zemi Face from Trunk Bay

Virgin Islands.

Night Flight Night Flight

Welcome to Night Flight. Your weekend open thread. Night Beat.

Svengoolie: Dr. Cyclops (1940) Svengoolie: Dr. Cyclops (1940)

This week Svengoolie will feature Dr. Cyclops. In TECHNICOLOR.

Sunday Night Fever Sunday Night Fever

Sunday. Ernie Anderson. Brand new promos and commercials. Various. Seconds ago uploaded. 1980.

Musical Interlude: Bach Musical Interlude: Bach

Google Doodle edition. Celebrating Bach. I’ve actually listened to Bach on Youtube here previously. I know him from MASH when Radar is trying to flirt with Mary Kay Place.

The Hat, the Bed, and John J Catherine The Hat, the Bed, and John J Catherine

Quiet, Please. Who put the goddamn hat on the bed? To this day I freak out if I see a hat on a bed. I would never do such a thing myself.

Alan Furst Alan Furst

Historical spy novels. Found these pics in an old spy novel post. He really is top of the line with the past masters in the thriller business. I have a first edition of Night Soldiers that is one of my most valuable books at around $100 or so. Paid $1.

Well, That Was Fun Well, That Was Fun

I ended up in the hospital. Taut/taught should have been your first clue. Call 911 immediately. I was still too cheap to pay for the ambulance ride so I got a lift to the emergency room. They found nothing. The most painful part was pulling off all of the little adhesive things on my chest when I got home just now. I…

Mr. Pibb Mr. Pibb

I told louie that for several weeks Wednesdays will have Snacks, a movie, and Soda. Three topics. Can be seen below in a block. Mr. Pibb was the Texas soda, and Coke’s ripoff of Dr. Pepper. Called “Peppo.” Got sued. Then Mr. Pibb. Now it has a stupid name.

RC Cola RC Cola

Royal Crown Cola.

Fruit Pies Fruit Pies

Hostess. And others.

The Moonshine War (1970) The Moonshine War (1970)

Patrick McGoohan. One of the crime films it took me forever to find. Also one of those forgotten movies that was supposed to be terrible that turned out to be perfectly watchable. Serviceable. Alan Alda, Richard Widmark. One of my favorite Elmore Leonard books. I searched Youtube two or three times a year and one day…

Of Maestro and Man/Back for Christmas/Black Seagull Of Maestro and Man/Back for Christmas/Black Seagull

Peter Lorre. Suspense. Boxing and gambling. Scrolling through the Youtube radio channel. Roma wines were the sponsor.

The Man Who Would Be King (1975) The Man Who Would Be King (1975)

Directed by John Huston. Underrated Huston in the grand scheme of things. One of the best movies ever made in my opinion. Fantastic. Rip roaring. The radio show on Escape is exceptional as well. Blu-ray is a beauty. I have a cut rate DVD edition that still looks pretty good. Highly recommended.

The Man Who Would Be King/The Marvelous Barastro/Journey Into Fear The Man Who Would Be King/The Marvelous Barastro/Journey Into Fear

Escape, 1948 and Suspense. This is the new Youtube radio channel I found with remastered audio. Kind of a best of collection. I rely on those heavily to pick titles.

Samurai Samurai

Vintage. Library of Congress and New York Public Library. Not many people got a code to live by anymore.

Shogun Shogun

I sometimes play hour long TV shows like Remington Steele and listen on the headphones with no video. Graduated to actual radio lately. I found the Shogun mini-series at Internet Archive, so I’m doing it audio only (or mostly). Half and half say. 1980 NBC. Orson Welles narrator. Big hit. I’ve read the book several…

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